Tambovmash JSC is a manufacturer of respiratory protective equipment (PPE), including civilian gas masks.

Means of individual and collective protection of the respiratory organs are products of military and special purposes, designed to protect the units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense, population, children of preschool and school age, industrial personnel in emergency situations.

During the past two years, there are many firms and organizations in the market whose activities are aimed at the implementation of falsified PPE. The main methods of falsification are repainting and remarking the old boxes that have exhausted their warranty period, using facepieces (masks) of items written off for recycling, forging documents about the quality of items. The use of falsified products for their intended purpose can lead to tragic consequences, even death.

We kindly ask you to pay special attention to product quality, and also, prior to concluding a contract (agreement), request the documents confirming the product quality (a quality certificate, a guarantee letter of the manufacture, etc.).

Products that do not meet the requirements of technical conditions and regulatory documents may pose a serious threat to lives and health of users.